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Environmental Protection

Thursday - 20/04/2017 10:38
All production and business activities are affecting the environment. If we require that do not affect the environment at all, there is certainly no economic activity. So we need to clarify the relationship between the business activities (BA) of production with environmental issues, thereby offering appropriate solutions.
Environmental Protection
First of all, this is a dialectical relationship of mutual influence. Operation of enterprises have a positive impact and negative to the environmental issues. Conversely, environment also contributed to the advantages or difficulties in manufacturing. At the same time, we must also affirm that all BA affect the environment. Matter of concern here is the level of impact on how (risk of destruction, environmental destruction; resilience of the environment; the adverse effects than bring efficiency ...).

Business activities affect to the environment.

* Positive impact

+ To a certain extent, BA of the enterprise can create a new environment or contribute to the environmental improvement.
+ Activities of enterprise create the material conditions for the implementation of operations to protect the environment. BA will generate a source of revenue for the state budget, an important source of financing for environmental protection.
+ The development of the waste recycling industry contributes to improving the environmental quality and solving the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste.

* Negative impact

  - BA also generate many factors affecting the environment, especially waste. This amount of industrial waste can cause degradation, pollution of the surrounding environment such as soil, water, great impact on human health.
  - BA in the international economic integration can cause environmental problems through the import of environmentally unfriendly goods into Vietnam, which may be toxic waste.
Environmental protection

The impact of environmental protection on the operation of the business.

* Positive impact

+ The environmental elements, especially resources, is one of the conditions for developing production and business activities. These resources are raw materials for production. Depending on the resources in each region where developing different BA.
+ Quality suitable environment will ensure business stability and sustainability through the stability of the quality of labor, fuels and materials.

* Negative impact

- The quality of the environment can generate costs for production activities through labor-related issues, external costs for raw materials and increased costs of products thereby reducing competitiveness.
- Quality assurance environment will affect the sustainability of BA. These uncertainties may be about supply for business and production, arising from environmental damage caused to business entities.


Awareness: The enterprises need to change their perception of environmental protection and change the behavior of these enterprises in the production & business process. Especially apply clean technology solutions.
Improve the financial capacity of the enterprise for the purpose of developing its activities without harming the environment. There are also funds for investment in environmental protection.
Completing the environmental management apparatus in each enterprise. Specifically, it is necessary to have a plan for training human resources with environmental expertise in order to apply the law, to operate the treatment systems, analyze and check the level of pepper conservation. Specifically, it is necessary to have a plan for training human resources with environmental expertise in order to apply the law, to operate the treatment systems, analyze & test level ensures environmental standards of products and waste.

Author: Trung Kien

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