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Corporate Culture

Thursday - 20/04/2017 10:37
Professional, creative and cultured working environment is the legitimate dream of the workers, which is also the orientation of many enterprises. Whether the managers understood that strongly promote corporate culture is the measure of "stimulus" best help employees dynamic, creative work, desire for long-term commitment to the company. But not all businesses do this. So what is the orientation to develop a sustainable business culture?
Corporate Culture

Spiritual culture.

          Good spirit, good health, clear mind, joy, passion, creativity, dedication ... all are "products" of spiritual culture. First of all need to know how to live healthy, beautiful life, sharing, mutual help each other. The leader must master the knowledge, culture, personality of the subordinate, to be flexible in the management. In addition, finding out the circumstances, promptly encouraging, sharing when the staff in trouble, tribulation is the way the leader "scored" best with their staffs, making them be presuaded to dedicate for enterprise. The form of "family culture" should also be flexibly applied in building corporate culture. Openness, sincerity, love, respect, sharing, mutual support are key ingredients to build a sustainable corporate culture.

Adjust the "wallet of employees" fairly

This is a real problem, as the "employee wallet" is the visualization of the employee's earnings, including salaries, bonuses, and other surcharges. The issue of reward or penalize means the increase or decrease of the employee's income, which is always paid attention by the employees, requiring the enterprise to perform fairly and strictly.
The reward - penalize should be based on the principle of job performance, behavior in the workplace, positive or negative impact on the collective interests of the enterprise. If not really fair, the issue of rewards and punishments will become a concern for workers, making them mindless, uninterested in work, or pursuing accomplishments. "A hundred wages are not equal to a bonus," this statement best represents the value of the bonus. In addition to material value, the reward also brings spiritual value, a measure of the value of capacity, dedication of each employee. So reward - avoid penalties through the speakers absolute, rough, form, light heavy relationship conversation private. Details of prize - a ticket to be included in the company regulations, issued in writing, represented a fair and strictly the same, whether the use is essential or the offender is an employee or boss.
corporate strength

Cultural construction, first of all for the collective interests

Culture is built up from the masses, so it should be for the collective benefit. Culture does not serve a number of people, focussing on each object, but must be based on the consensus of the majority of employees, regardless of caste, level, job.
Obviously, a public servant should also know how to laugh, be polite, and of course if she accomplishes her good part, she deserves to receive commendation and recognition from the community.
A deputy director, even a director, has no right to violate or violate cultural norms, they can not detach themselves from the collective, so respect the collective interests of the collective.
Building corporate culture needs consensus, should be aimed at the interests of the masses, the community benefits. The main strength of the masses would make the brand value, as well as decide the success or failure of the business. Strongly promote the cultural value of the business, to have a team of dedicated staff - this is the rule, the right direction for business managers.

Author: Trung Kien

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