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The styles, sizes and features of FIBC bulk bags

Friday - 19/05/2017 07:57
There are may industries which require the safe & efficient transportation bulk quantities of goods. Some example that the building materials, foods manufacturers, farming or pharmaceutical industry, etc.
FIBC bulk bags
FIBC bulk bags
These branchs need to transport everything, from block of woods, minerals, limestones to fertilizer in convenient amd cost-effective containers and still protect their goods from harm. Meanwhile, that must make sure the goods are shipped to the full destination. There is a satisfactory solution, FIBC bulk bags.
FIBC bag comes in a wide variety of styles & sizes, also has many special features suitable for different uses. Therefore, FIBCs is the best choice for transporting large quantities of goods. Most of these bags are only used once (which called "single-trip bags") to transport goods from the manufacturers or suppliers to the customers. Some of others are used more than once (which called "multi-trip bags") - they can be reusable. Single-trip bags and multi-trip bags have some differences in safety factor (SF). The first bag type has SF 5:1, meaning the bag can carry at least five times the load of itself. The second type has SF 6:1.
The specifications for each bag depend on the purpose of use, but they can carry weight from 400Kgs to 5000 Kgs, the popular order is 1000 Kgs to 2000 Kgs.
Popular designs of FIBC bulk bags are the 4-panel body, cicular / tubular body or U-panel body.
+ With 4-panel body, they were made by sewing the edges of the four fragments together to make the form of body, then sew the top and bottom to the body. These bags keep their shape well and are suitable for stacking when transporting or storing. They are economical and suitable for many applications.
+ Circular FIBC bag is made by sewing the top and bottom of the bag into a tube woven bag. This type is often used in the foods industry such as rice, flour, sugar. etc.
+ The U-panel body is manufactured using of only two pieces, consysting of a seamless cylindrical tube and the bottom piece, which is sewn on.
Body fibc bulk bags - Trung Kien JSC
There is an especial bulk bag, which have "baffles". This type of bag is different the normal bulk bag that their inside this bag is sewn additional "baffle" on the side (these "baffle walls are pieces of woven fabric which are punched holes"). That helps baffle bag to stay square when filled materials. In addition, the "baffles" also make the bag more compact, more solid and safer to use in some applications. Baffle bulk bag is also a great advantage in stacking or folding into containers for transporting or storing.
FIBC bulk bag has many shapes for the top , bottom and belt (straps, lift loops):
+ Top: spout top, duffle top, open top, flap top, etc.
+ Bottom: spout bottom, flat bottom, pyjama discharge, star closure, etc.
+ Belt: Side seam, cross corner, belly band, stevedore strap, ringing belt, etc.
In addition, FIBC bag can be printed up to 4 colors on each side or has PE liner inside or document bag outside according to order requirements.
So, with its outstanding advantages, jumbo (FIBC) deserves to be the best solution for manufacturers / suppliers ... in terms of storage and bulk shipping.

Author: Trung Kien

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