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HACCP:2003 CODEX Certification

Thursday - 20/04/2017 10:37
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) means "system of hazard analysis and control critical point", or "system analysis, identification and control organization Circle Critical in the process of food production and processing. "
HACCP:2003 CODEX Certification
Practices HACCP: 2003 was revised from the first version, which is used in the food industry to meet the increasing demands of customers for quality and especially the security in food and drink.
The primary purpose of this code is for small producers such as food production, manufacturing and processing, distribution of food and beverages, shops, hotels and sales agents for food products and beverages. It is also used similarly to production and business organizations involved in the food industry, such as packaging.
HACCP 2003 Codex

The requirements of the food safety program:
1. Commitment of the leader.
1.1 Organization and responsibility.
1.2 Training.
1.3 The product is not suitable and the resolve the problem.
1.4 Internal evaluation.
2.1 HACCP team and product analysis.
2.2 Chart.
2.3 Hazard Analysis and Control.
2.4 Identify and monitor critical limits.
2.5 Corrective and preventive action.
2.6 Documents.
2.7 Verification confirmation.
3. Practice food safety.
3.1 Get food.
3.2 Storage of food.
3.3 Handle food.
3.4 Show food.
3.5 Package food.
3.6 Food delivery.
3.7 Destroyed food.
3.8 Food recall.
4. Quality control.
4.1 Procedures.
4.2 Production, sanitation and aquaculture practices.
4.3 Identify, tracing and labeling.
4.4 Measurement equipment.
5. Sales and purchases.
5.1 Sales.
5.2 Buy.
5.3 Selection of suppliers.
6. Documentation.
6.1 Document control.
6.2 Profile.

Author: Trung Kien

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